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Duinkerken 3, 3633 EM Vreeland Trasy
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Przewodnik MICHELIN

Full of character, this former inn boasts a typical Dutch atmosphere, combining its charming historical feel with a sleek contemporary look and offering superb views of the drawbridge and the River Vecht. Wilco Berends loves where he lives, a fact that is immediately obvious from the menu here.

He chooses the best available local produce, whether this is lamb, eel, or cheese for dessert. His oyster dishes – a house speciality – make an excellent start to your meal, followed by dishes prepared using a combination of traditional techniques and imaginative contemporary-style flair. This chef creates exciting and intriguing cuisine, with different flavours and nuances to be savoured with every bite.

Magnificent guestrooms offer the perfect final touch to this authentic Dutch experience!

- Inspektorzy MICHELIN


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