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Tante Koosje
Kerkstraat 1, 3632 EL Loenen aan de Vecht Trasy
Francuska nowoczesna
  • Jedna gwiazdka MICHELIN: kuchnia pełna finezji. Warta odwiedzin!

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  • Francuska nowoczesna
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  • Restauracja serwuje dania wegetariańskie.
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Przewodnik MICHELIN

Tante Koosje refers to Koosje Edema, who was once an important local figure in this friendly village. This restaurant, once her home, is now a magnet for foodies. The old-world decor is cosy and charming, while the soft lighting and antique furniture create an intimate atmosphere. In summer, the terrace by the church exudes a Mediterranean feel.
The versatile Roland Veldhuijzen is making his mark on this magnificent location with his good old-fashioned culinary expertise. The crispy veal sweetbread is delicious; the impeccably roasted (and seasoned) loin of dual-purpose cow comes with the exuberant and refined nuances of a red wine sauce. The chef also gives his dishes a new twist every now and then, but it is mainly the traditional finesse that determines their intensity. Tante Koosje would be proud of her successors. - Inspektorzy MICHELIN


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