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De Lindehof
Beekstraat 1, 5671 CS Nuenen Trasy
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Przewodnik MICHELIN

The Dutch expression “arbeid loont” (“hard work pays off”) accurately applies to Soenil Bahadoer. As a chef with Surinamese roots he has always had to prove himself a little more than his peers, but it has made him stronger and he has never given up. On the contrary, it has motivated him to win over guests through his creativity and his own unique cooking style. In this fashionable restaurant, embellished with modern art, he showcases his class.

Chef Bahadoer loves using influences from Suriname, India and Indonesia to spice up his European dishes. The result is punchy cuisine featuring flavours that are spot on, sometimes complex, but always well balanced. Classic ingredients such as foie gras and pigeon are given intense herby nuances.

Soenil Bahadoer’s success didn’t just fall into his lap and he has had to fight hard to get to the top. The exotic experience he creates every day proves that this is where he belongs.

- Inspektorzy MICHELIN


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