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De Nieuwe Winkel
Gebroeders Van Limburgplein 7, 6511 BW Nijmegen Trasy
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Przewodnik MICHELIN

Emile van der Staak's vision comes to life in this urban restaurant, where you can see the impressive team at work in the open kitchen. His botanical gastronomy showcases the "age of plants'' at this MICHELIN Green Star restaurant that is taking a stand against climate change. He is a visionary writing a story, with every chapter whetting your appetite.
Emile van der Staak's source of inspiration is Food Forest Ketelbroek. This is where he makes discoveries, reflects and creates — and his is a creative spirit that seems to know no bounds. He has developed a precise technique of bringing the microseasons to life in his dishes. Take the combination of an exquisitely fresh and creamy almond puree and a quenelle of roasted and fermented almonds. The use of a rich Chinese mahogany oil and a potent reduced jus to elevate all the flavours is truly original. The set menus bring together a heady mix of flavours – think ferments and garums – that combine complexity with familiarity. His heavenly "no chocolate" dessert with roasted Alkmaar groats is incredible. A groundbreaking experience.

- Inspektorzy MICHELIN


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