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Van der Mijleweg 16, 1901 KD Castricum Trasy
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Apicius is the success story of chef Thorvald and host Gaylord de Winter. Since 2003, the brothers have been honoured with at least one Michelin star. Flavour is in their genes. Their expertise is found in the smallest details, from the right Burgundy vintage to accompany a fish dish to the smoothness of a rhubarb sorbet.

Chef Thorvald is a master at preparing classic recipes. Great products form the heart of his cooking. He takes just the right amount of time to process a fish, cooking it in the skin for just long enough, and brings out the flavour using delicate garnishings and a sauce that provides depth – and nothing more. The care with which this experienced chef dresses the plates ensures a touch of modernity. A highly respected establishment!

- Inspektorzy MICHELIN


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